What Does It Mean To Be An Alpha Individual?


In its purest form, Alpha Individuals achieve their goal irrespective of the situations and people around them.  

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What does it mean to be alpha?

What does it mean to be Alpha? Being Alpha is about being a High Performance individual who understands why they are doing things, where they are going, what they want, know how to get it and have a deep understanding of the art and science of success. Alpha individuals have vision and purpose to help them make the consistent choices for their lives on their terms.

All of the most admired business, religious, military and political leaders have been individuals of vision and purpose who understood how they fit into the world to maximize their success and take massive action. From Alexander the Great, to Gandhi, to Ray Dalio and John D. Rockefeller, all these individuals have/had an Alpha Mind mentality.

Whether you’re building a company, investing in companies, trading the markets or competing professionally, your success or failure will depend primarily on your mentality to overcome whatever your obstacles may be. Being Alpha allows you to cohesively formulate and effectively communicate your ideas and vision for things you want.

can anyone become an alpha?

The short answer is yes. Everyone has a natural alpha state that would allow them to achieve virtually anything they want. Introverts, extroverts, super good looking, not so good looking, rich and poor each have a natural alpha state that would allow them to change their situation.

No matter what the base situation is, there is a natural alpha state inside of you. BeAlpha helps you uncover and design it.

Does being alpha mean that I will need to be loud, aggressive, put people down etc?

No. Not at all. While there are many popular definitions of being alpha that involve being over-the-top, loud, aggressive, talking over others and generally sucking the air out of the rooms, these definitions are completely wrong. Some people call these people alpha, we call them insecure weak betas who need to bring others down to make themselves feel better. But you will learn how to manage and co-opt people like that to you ideas and directions.

Are men and women both able to be attain an alpha mind state?

Yes. 100%. There is absolutely no difference. If you have the drive and commitment you can achieve your alpha state.